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May 5, 2011 Companies, Fastenal No Comments

Any overview of Fastenal has to start with a look at their 2,500+ store locations. After all, when customers think of Fastenal, they don’t think of some remote corporation; they think of the people in their local Fastenal store who serve them on a regular basis.

What does local Fastenal store service mean for you? It means immediate access to locally stocked products, including items that can be stocked specifically for your business. It also means on-site/on-call service from a Fastenal representative who lives in the community, understands your business, and considers it part of the job to help you solve problems and succeed. The result is a level of effort, accountability, and collaboration that pays off in countless ways — every day, and when you need it most.

So when you hear Fastenal talk about their thousands of stores, keep in mind that they’re not talking about how big they are; they’re talking about how LOCAL they are. And that’s what Fastenal is all about: using their global distribution strength to be the best local supplier in every market they serve.


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